In 2007. We undertook a dream, with great expectations, we gathered ideas, knowledge and skills. Creating Cultura Arquitectura CA, a small architecture, design and construction studio, which has grown gradually in the middle. Great aspirations have led us to create and solve together with our clients and a team of collaborators all challenges that in these years we have decided to take. We intend to continue growing and position ourselves within the field as a creative, purposeful and above all reliable company for people who want our help.


  • Graduated from the faculty of architecture at the university center of the University of Guadalajara coast. It is mainly developed in the area of ​​projects, management. construction supervision and personnel management.
    He began his professional activity in 2006 with the architect Roger Vidal, who gave him the opportunity to participate in his projects, later participated in the project department in charge of the architect Fidel Muñoz, of the Terra & Mare company in which he participated in the development of several projects, including the condominiums Avalon and Paramount, once this cycle was closed, it was possible to group with the Architect Abraham Josue Benavides, with whom great proposals and experiences were shared to achieve CA Cultura Arquitectura. Later I participate in the development of the Taheima project, Nuevo Vallarta.
    In 2015 I participate in the development of the Pier 57 project, together with the Architects Fidel Muñoz and Abraham Josue Benavides.
    Since then and until today, the client portfolio has continued to expand in projects and construction in general.
    Miguel Angel Robles ARCHITECT

  • Young graduate of the architecture career, putting into practice the knowledge acquired, even before finishing the career at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Guadalajara. He developing extensively in the areas of budgeting, management, supervision and personnel management. His professional activity began in 2006 collaborating in the Terra y Mare office, in charge of the Architect Fidel Muñoz in the projects department, working in the elaboration and review of projects in particular the Avalon and Paramount Bay condominiums. In 2007, having the opportunity to independently attend to all the details of the condominiums in which he had collaborated and together with the Architect Miguel Angel Robles, they decided to start Cultura Arquitectura, in turn participating in the Taheima project in Nuevo Vallarta. At the same time, he continued working on the independent projects of Cultura Arquitectura, opening doors to make way for this great project. He participated in the Pier 57 project, in conjunction with the Architect Fiel Muñoz and Migue Angel Robles. To this day he continues to train professionally and make his way in the field of architectural design and construction.
    Abraham Josue Benavides ARCHITECT